Worried about Fluoride?

Dr. Nate’s all-natural, fluoride free toothpaste fights cavities with Xylitol – and tastes great!

The best lip balm you’ve ever used!

Our lip balm is 100% natural, is never tested on animals, and will make your mouth feel great!

Our whole family loves Dr. Nate’s toothpaste. My eight year old says we now all have shiny teeth! I like the all-natural ingredients.

Caroline, Tennessee

I love the toothpaste’s fresh peppermint flavor– my teeth feel like I came back from a professional cleaning. I also let my two year old try the toothpaste. Dr. Nate uses a natural fluoride so I know the toothpaste helps keep his teeth and gums healthy.

Shawn, Tennessee, 36

Knowing that I am using an organic toothpaste that fights cavities and is made in the USA by a local dentist are all great reasons to love Dr Nates; also I will say this… it tastes great and the great taste lasts long after you use it. Thanks Dr. Nate!

Regis George

Being a wife and mother of four, I want to try my best to provide life’s healthiest choices for my family…that means choosing Nate’s Naturals Toothpaste for everyone! It also means, since my children love the taste, that they are actually brushing those teeth a lot more!

Tracy, Tennessee, 42

I have tried many natural toothpastes on the market but haven’t cared for any of them. Dr. Nate’s Natural Toothpaste, however, was quite a pleasant surprise! The toothpaste leaves my teeth feeling smooth and polished and the flavor is delightful and fresh! My search is over. I will use Dr. Nate’s for the rest of my life!

Caroline, Tennessee